Green Leaf Organization
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Green Leaf Organization (GLO) is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) established in 2016 at Mpanda District in Katavi Region and registered by the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elders and Children on 19th September, 2016 under the Non Governmentals (NGOs) Act 2002 with registration number 00NGO/0008894.

The main goal for setting up this Organization is to conserve Environment and promote Tourism. The Organization operates its activities in Katavi and Kigoma Region respectively.

The Headquarter is located at Mpanda District in Katavi Region and the Regional coordination Office is located at Kigoma Distrct in Kigoma Region.

The main founders of this Organization are Francise Ferdinand Filimbi and Arnold Vitalis Lumbi who set/combined up their ideas and decided to establish it in Katavi Region.

Our Vision Statement


Seeing community members are freely from absolutely poverty.

Our Mission Statement


To improve social economical standard and environmental conservation interventions in the community through research and by raising awareness.

Our Core Values


The Core Values of Green Leaf Organization (GLO) are Transparency, Equality, Openness, Integrity, Voluntariness, Commitment and Accountability.

Our Objectives


Overall objectives
To improve income of local community to poverty reduction and conservation of biological diversity.
Specific objectives
1. To create and develop bees and forest conservation program for community development.
2. Raise awareness of the society on how to conserve forest, environment resources and water
3. Promoting community income generating activities that are environmentally friendly.
4. Encouraging the communities to improve their health status, sanitary condition and contribute
to processes aimed at haltering the ongoing spread of HIV/AIDs, malaria and other pandemic


Our Partners


Vice President Office (Environment Department), Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Tanzania Forestry Service Agency (TFSa) and Tanzania National Park (TANAPA)